4 reasons why not to use plastic money

Plastic money otherwise called credit cards has been appreciated by a number of people by virtue of their being very convenient in a number of ways. It is true that with plastic money, the burden of carrying around cash is taken off your shoulders and you are also able to shop when you do not have any cash. This may sound great but when mismanaged, they lead to bad credit loans which have a negative effect on a person’s credit history in the long run. Plastic money is the best as its usage is known to contribute a lot positively on your credit history which is very essential for future financial assistance. On the other hand the use of plastic money can be very harmful is not well taken care of.
Therefore the following reasons justify why plastic money should not be used. To begin with, plastic money is very costly. This is the truth that most people have failed to internalize. The moment you make purchases using plastic money, the charge can be even double what you actually used. Due to the convenience that they provide the user, many people overlook this fact. Bu when looked at closely, then there is no reason why you should continue using plastic money when you can buy with cash and save a lot.
Additionally, these cards provide the user with lots of freedom to make purchases any time he feels like which in the end leads to accumulation of bad credit that earn you in the end a bad credit history. Plastic money makes you feel that you can buy anything you feel like without limitation. This is dangerous and thus a strong reason to avoid the use of this cards.
Plastic money terms and conditions are also very complicated to the extend that, at face value, they are very enticing but once you have the credit card, other charges present themselves making the money very expensive in the long run.
Lastly, when this card gets stolen or you loose it, there is the danger of someone making huge purchases that you will be required to repay. Therefore, being in possession of plastic money is also risky as it can earn you bad credit scores without your being aware.
The above reasons and many more qualifies assertion that plastic money should not be used at all.