A couple of insurance covers of quite different kinds

Just to imagine the kind of rack offered by insurance agencies, it would be worthy discussing a couple of very different insurance polices within the ambit of this article. Think about domestic travel insurance.
This kind of insurance helps you sort out troubles faced during traveling. Any citizen traveling within his own country can buy domestic travel insurance. Foreigners can also fetch such policies provided they have passport of the host nation. These policies are generally meted out till the age of 70 and till 5 years of age, the policies are covered alongside the parents or guardians.
Generally, these policies provide a 30 day cover and you must look for renewal if your return trip is slated for a timeframe exceeding the 30 day mark from the date of inception of the policy. If you happen to lose your life in a travel accident within the policy time frame, the insurance amount is directly paid to your bona fide heir.
Now think of something as different as vacant home insurance. These are high-premium insurance covers because they are provided for homes which do not have any occupant. Naturally, such homes are areas quite ready to be exploited by burglars and thieves. To cut down on the cost of vacant home insurance, you need to offer an occupied look to your home.
For the purpose, you can ask your neighbors to keep visiting the house each day and even park their cars or vehicles in your garage. Some owners use light timers to give an impression of lights switched on and off at a particular time.
Looking over these two very different concepts, one can readily imagine that any and every aspect of life can be beautifully insured. The idea is to look for softer premiums and worthy deductibles and coverage no matter which aspect of insurance you set your sights on.