The Top 5 Travel Insurance Companies Catering To Elderly Travelers

There are many travel insurance companies now that offer specific insurance policies for elderly travelers. Specifically, these companies have designed travel insurance over 80 and travel insurance over 70 policies.

Among these insurance companies, there are few that have gained popularity because of the reliability of their products and the quality of their services. Usually, these companies have become known because of the testimonials of customers who were satisfied with the way they were treated.
So, to be able to find the best insurance company that will provide you with the right travel insurance over 80 policy, you need to listen to testimonials and from there you can choose the one that cater to your needs.
Here are the top travel insurance companies that you should transact business with:

Insure For is a travel insurance company that provides insurance policies up to 80 years of age. It has been offering coverage for all major countries in the world and up to 10 million pounds in medical emergency and 5,000 pounds cancellation.
Columbus Travel Insurance offers travel insurance for over 70’s and up to 99. One study indicates that 86% of pensioners enjoyed a saving when they decide to buy their travel insurance policies from the insurance company.
John Lewis Insurance offers travel insurance for over 85 years old and is a subsidiary of the John Lewis partnership that is popular for offering the best insurance policy and the most comprehensive medical cover.

JS Travel Insurance provides services for those ages 66 years to 79 years that covers up to 3,000 pounds and a 24 hour medical assistance.
Avanti Travel Insurance is popular because of its low cost travel insurance policy. It also provides coverage to customers up to a maximum age of 85 years and a wide range of pre-existing medical conditions.So, to guide you in your search for the best, here are some tips that I’m sure can help you.


How to Find the Best Deals On Travel Insurance Over 80

There is one disadvantage of having too many travel insurance companies that are offering travel insurance over 80 and travel insurance over 70 – you don’t know how to determine if you’ve obtained the best in the market.
So, to guide you in your search for the best, here are some tips that I’m sure can help you.

Tip #1

Look for a travel insurance company that has been known to offer reliable and affordable policies for elderly travelers. Asking your friends to recommend a company that fits this description is very important. Reliability should be given emphasis so that you will be assured that the company will be there when time comes that you will need the coverage.

Tip #2

Search for an insurance company that has a comprehensive coverage for medical services as health is very significant if you are over 70. This is considered to be a necessity because most countries have expensive medical services.
Tip #3

Ensure that the insurance company that you are dealing with is a legal entity and not a fraud because it may put you in a quandary in the future.
Tip #4

Always keep documents, including receipts, so that you can present proof if there are some things that need questioning.

Tip #5

Ask for testimonials from people who might know a specific travel insurance company to better familiarize yourself with the insurer before deciding.
Tip #6

Check whether the insurance company is charging you with fees not listed in the posters or advertisements that they may have posted.

Tip #7

Collect brochures from various travel insurance companies so that you can make a comparison of the travel insurance over 80 and travel insurance over 70 policies that they are offering.

By following these tips, you can surely find the best travel insurance company that offers the best travel insurance policy for elderly travelers.

Debt Management

Freedom Debt Management Can Help You

Many people these days are struggling with the problem of debt in varying degrees, and for some it is quite a huge burden. Whether large or small amounts of debt, almost everyone has some, and it can be very hard to get out of debt and stay out. Consumers are offered some much needed help at the Freedom Debt Management website found at

Those struggling with their monthly bills will be very happy to know that the website provides their services free of charge. Fees are charged by most debt consultants and debt consolidation companies, and this just adds to the problems their clients already have. It seems to be an easy choice to turn to a not for profit organization that provides the same service, but free to the client.

At Freedom Debt management, clients will find different areas of help from debt consolidation to budget counseling, and a free online evaluation of their debt. Diagnosis of individual’s and couples’ problems with debt and money management is only a computer click away. The debt management consultants you will find on this website can offer help rather quickly after they get the results of the debt evaluation, and will be able to find the solution that is most appropriate for you. A tool on the website allows input of total debt amount and interest rate to calculate what the debt actually will cost by the time it is repaid. That amount is rarely made clear when the person is applying for the credit in the first place.

A wealth of information is available on the website, as well, on the Fair Debt Practices Act, and will educate people on their rights, and what their creditors can and cannot do in the attempt to collect a debt. This information can help people put an end to unnecessary harassment from finance companies, credit card companies or banks.


Do Not Try To Extend The Usage Of Daily Car Insurance

People that purchase daily or insurance policies often have a nasty habit of trying to extend the usage of the policy beyond the stipulated time. These people do not understand that taking such actions can be detrimental to themselves as well, as others on the road. One does not understand as to why people look to purchase daily car insurance when they really need for short term car insurance policy which is issued by insurance providers for a maximum period of 30 days. If people do not have any idea about how long they will be using a borrowed vehicle they should be looking to purchase short term car insurance instead of a daily car insurance policy.

People may perhaps have an impression that they will be in a position to drive around even after the daily car insurance policy has become invalid. This is not the way the law enforcement agencies would look at such actions. They would be looking to enforce the law in the most stringent manner leading to heavy penalties or even the vehicle being driven being impounded. People should understand that they have only paid a premium for the day and should not be looking to extend the policy by any margin.

If people are unsure about the validity of their policy they would do well to go through the terms and conditions mentioned on the policy document. This will give them a clear indication about the time at which the daily car insurance policy was issued and the validity period. People should keep such matters in their knowledge as it could possibly save them from plenty of trouble that could follow in the event of an accident. Daily car insurance policies are best used in the manner that the insurance provider would have specified before the sale of the policy. People can definitely look to purchase another daily car insurance policy within a matter of minutes, if they find the need to extend the usage of the borrowed car. However, at no time should people be looking to extend a daily car insurance policy under any circumstances.

Credit Cards

Learning About The Credit Score Scale Now Can Help You Later

Keeping your own finances in good shape is just one of the many jobs an adult has. How to solve money problems is a great issue. Unfortunately, it is not something that is taught in school, or at least it never used to be. Many times it was not taught to children in the home either. This could help explain why so many adults have found themselves into difficult financial situations. Bad financial decisions can affect a person for many years to come. A bad credit score rating can make ones life a lot more difficult affecting the credit scores scale.

If you are young and just starting out on your own, finding out information on your credit score and how to build a good one is a wise investment in your future. Knowing what not to do will save you a lot of stress later in life.

One of the big mistakes that young adults make is not being realistic about what they can afford. Buying on credit is not a good idea, it’s easy to get behind in payments, and once that happens it’s almost impossible to catch up. The interest keeps building and before you know it you could be drowning in debt. Only buy on credit if it’s absolutely necessary. It is better to save for something you want. Put aside a certain percentage of your income for savings. This way if something comes up, you have cash.

It may be easier to set your bills up for automatic withdrawal from your checking account. This way you will not risk forgetting to make a payment.

Do not use credit to pay a bill. It is a very bad idea to pay your VISA with your Mastercard. Or your utilities with a credit card. You end up paying more because of the interest.

Do your best to stick to these financial rules. It may seem strict now but later when you are looking to buy a house, or finance a car, you will be glad that you did. It will be easier for you and you will be able to get the best interest rates.