Do Not Try To Drive A Courtesy Car Without Daily Car Insurance

Has your car broken down and is ready to be picked up by the garage for repairs? In such cases, it is likely that the garage may have offered you a courtesy car for use during the course of the repairs. The courtesy car would have been offered to you free of charge and may even be a vehicle that can be considered as expensive. You could perhaps be overjoyed with the fact that the garage as taking care of your requirements by making such an offer. Before you step behind the wheels of the courtesy car, you should be putting your joy aside and contact an insurance company for the purchase of short term car insurance. You could perhaps estimate the number of days you will be required to use the courtesy car and choose to purchase a policy to cover the period. Insurers would have no hesitation to issue a daily car insurance policy for the number of days you intend to use the courtesy car.

The garage may very well have told you that the courtesy car has been insured, but you must understand that your name would not have been mentioned on the policy. Therefore, you must not ignore the purchase of a daily car insurance policy before you choose to drive the courtesy car that has been offered. Quite a few people take the word of the garage and believe that no harm would come to them if they used such vehicles for a few days. However, lawmakers in the country do not seem to think in a similar manner and will look to hold it against the people that are using the car and the garage that is handed over the vehicle. Courtesy cars are offered by garages and even by some hotels for guests that stay in them. It is up to people to ensure that they purchase a separate daily car insurance policy before they use the vehicle that is offered to them.