Premium Costs Of Temporary Auto Insurance And Car Insurance For Teenagers

One important aspect of insurance policies that consumers want to know is the premium cost. This also applies to temporary auto insurance and car insurance for teenagers.

Temporary auto insurance is a very affordable policy since its duration can range from 1 day to 6 months only, unlike the regular car insurance, which lasts for a year.
Car insurance for teenagers, on the other hand, is a very expensive insurance policy which the parents are required to get for their teenage children. This is because insurance companies believe that teenagers are more likely to engage in a high incidence or risky behavior when driving a car.

Because you cannot convince insurance companies that your teenage daughter/son will not be doing stupid things when driving, you should look for other ways to lower down the premium costs for this insurance policy.
Instead of buying a brand new car, buy used, less expensive car because it will be a factor to be used by the insurance company in setting up the premium costs for the policy. You can also opt to increase the deductibles, this way the insurance company may decide to lower down the cost of the premium.

If your teenage son/daughter has a school grade point average of at least a B, the insurance company will offer a 5-25% discount. Applying for mileage discounts can also be done since the teenage driver mainly commute to and from the school.
To ensure that your teenage daughter/son will follow traffic rules to avoid accidents, you can enroll them to a driver’s training course, which will also offer an additional 5-10% discount.

Another suggestion is to insure the teenage driver as an occasional driver on a family car and not a principal driver on his or her own car. Other ways of lowering down premium costs include decreasing the coverage and liability limits and search online for companies that offer affordable insurance policies.