Quick Secured Personal Loans And Guaranteed Cash Advances

If you are looking for a quick personal loan but your credit is bad, then you can expect that your options and the amount of cash advance that you can get will be limited. While it is true that guaranteed cash advances are available, the amount of loan that you can get from cash advance lenders will only range from $100 to $1500. These amounts are small so they may not be enough for bigger expenses. So if you worry that there might not be many options available for you when you are looking for loan amounts higher than $1500 because of your credit situation, then do not worry too much. There are many loan companies, business establishments and lenders who will be willing to help you with your problem and will also help you fix your credit at the same time. Here is a list of some of the establishments and lenders I am talking about.
Online Loan Companies/Payday Lenders
Despite the fact that most payday lenders or cash advance loan companies online only extend small cash loans, you can also find many lenders who would be willing to extend loans larger than $1500 for a cash advance but you will need to make an extra effort searching for trusted and reliable companies so that you will not be hoping for something that is actually too good to be true.
Unsecured/Secured Loan Companies/Online Personal Loan Lenders
Apart from payday lenders, there are also personal loan lenders online. These are those who are willing to extend unsecured loans ranging from $1000 to $25000 with maximum repayment term of 15 years and secured loans ranging from $5000 to $75000 with repayment term of 30 years.
Pawnshops/Pawnshop Brokers
This option will allow you to get a loan in an instant however you will need to pawn something in exchange of the money. A pawnshop loan is something that you get one of your properties or valuable items have been accepted and appraised by the pawnshop broker. Personal items such as gold jewelries (necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets), high – end watches, and appliances are just some of the items which can be pawned in ex change for a certain amount of money depending on their appraised values.