Reasons for drastic increase in the number of whiplash claims

The huge increase in the number of whiplash claims being made in the recent times has definitely been a cause of concern. It has been the highest since the statistics of for the claims started in 1990 by the CRU. And would definitely be more than any time in the history of UK. The CRU is the body responsible for taking note of all the stats regarding the personal injury claims. The number of whiplash payout claims made has increased by a rate of 10-12% since the last 5 years. It is expected to follow the same trend or increase even further in the years to come.

Whiplash claims are said to constitute about 60 to 70% of the total motor insurance personal injury claims. This high percentage has been one of the important reasons for the increase in the vehicle insurance personal injury premium since the past few years.

The reason for the increase in the payout claims has been a topic for discussion of late. The most valid and a concerning point is the increase in the number of false claims. The number of false claims has increased considerably and unless there is a strict law to check these frauds this number is expected to go up further unless something happens out of the normal. The increase in the number of personal injury management companies has also led to the increase in claims. These companies are said to encourage and help people involved in accidents to do the claims even in case there are no whiplash injury symptoms in the person involved.

The absence in the strict laws which restrict whiplash injury claims is another notable reasons. In countries like Germany, Ireland and Scotland the laws related to these are more restrictive and hence the number of claims being made is significantly less.