The Young And The Restless Driver : How To Get Cheap Car Insurance Quotes

When you hear about high risk drivers, what usually come in mind are reckless drivers and drivers with poor health conditions.  These are just a couple of characteristics that are associated to the likelihood of not getting cheap car insurance quotes from almost all auto insurance providers.  But the most common characteristic of a high risk driver nowadays is being a young and inexperienced driver.  Most families now can afford to provide their children their own cars.  Young professionals nowadays are also inclined to get their own cars for convenience or perhaps as a status symbol.  Yet local car insurance cost for these young drivers are higher compared to those above 25 years of age.

Insurance companies today based this type of reasoning to credible statistics that show individuals aged 25 and below have a greater probability of getting into a vehicular accident or getting several traffic violations.  The fact that today’s generation are too engrossed with technology, talking on the cellphone while driving has been found to be the cause of 25% of car accidents in the United States.  Distracted driving accounts 80% of most vehicular accidents because the driver’s response time is delayed.  Cheap car insurance quotes can typically be expected for experience drivers of 26 and above but less than 70 years old.

Mostly, teenage drivers and young professional are distracted due to several gadgets and mobile technologies that can easily grab their attention.  Thus if you go out to have your car assessed by insurance providers, they will also look into the electronic devices found inside your car aside from the modifications that increase the value of your car.  These in turn cause local car insurance companies to assess young drivers with higher premiums.  If your car model is also fairly new and packs some punch on accessories and mag wheels, then this is also a wonderful eye candy for thieves.  It can be a detrimental factor in getting cheap car insurance quotes.

Being a young driver will generally get higher premiums for sure.  Nevertheless, just try to always improve your driving skills and avoid vehicular accidents and traffic violations.  Always observe rules and do not get distracted by mobile technologies.  Local car insurance companies will still look into your driving record.  Some will even provide you a no claims discount on your next renewal if you have not made a claim from them at all due to a squeaky clean driving record.