Credit Cards

Why Prepaid Debit Cards are Amazing

Managing your financial accounts is essential to daily living. Knowing when to spend and when not to, can save you from overshooting your budget and spare you from running out of money before your next paycheck. And this is the reason why debit cards are so amazing – they’re great financial tools; better than credit cards.

Prepaid debit cards are better than credit cards for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, debit cards don’t allow you to spend more than you’ve already earned. With debit cards, you’re more easily able to stay within your budget and live within your means. Debit cards won’t drive you deeper into debt.

Another advantage prepaid debit cards have over credit cards is they’re available to more people than credit cards. Reloadable debit cards can be accessed from the Internet or from major retailers without a credit check. This means people with poor credit or no credit at all can get their hands on a prepaid debit card. All that’s required to obtain a card is valid identification and a legal age (18 years old).

But the best thing about these cards is that they enable you to save money over time. With prepaid debit cards, you never pay interest as you do with credit cards. Paying credit card interest is like paying a surcharge on all the items you buy, making them more expensive. But with reloadable debit cards that never happens so you wind up paying less for items which leaves you more money in the long run.

Credit cards can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Impulsive buyers as well as shopaholics don’t do well with credit cards. They tend to run up big balances and get stuck in the revolving debt/minimum payment rut. But owning a debit card saves you from all of that. A prepaid debit card helps you make smarter purchasing decisions, allowing you to buy only what you already have the money for. They’re really amazing.